Our mission is to

Make student success

a team sport

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What we do

We are helping PreK-12 schools, families, and communities implement a new approach to promoting student success

Who we are

Our team includes experienced education and technology leaders who are passionate about ensuring every child has the chance to make a difference

What we believe

Raising healthy kids who can thrive in school, career, and life requires an integrated approach to supporting kids and families

Here's what we're all about

Measure what matters

Parents and educators agree that education is about much more than academic proficiency, yet today education data mostly means grades and test scores. It’s time to give schools, families, and communities the instrumentation they need to measure development of the whole child, at scale.

Engage with impact

Engaged parents and communities lead to strong schools which leads to better results for kids and society as a whole. Most approaches to improving education focus solely on improving schools, but it’s time for a coordinated effort that brings entire communities together to improve outcomes for kids.

Don’t just track… act

Schools have invested heavily in improving data systems for more than a decade, but the result can lead to overwhelmed staff and passive dashboards. Aggregating and visualizing data are necessary steps, but they aren’t ends in themselves. It’s critical that data be presented in actionable context.

Five years ago we started looking at data differently, giving clinicians and educators the tools they needed to stop looking at static reports and to start acting on behalf of kids. Intellispark Pulse puts similar, student-centered practices within reach for school districts everywhere.

Matt LiberatoreDirector of Professional Learning, Township High School District 214, Arlington Heights, IL

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