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Prevention, not just intervention.

Create capacity to help your students achieve their full potential
with innovative student support technology designed
with your school and district in mind

Know every student’s name, face, and story

Parents and educators agree that education is about much more than academic proficiency, yet today education data mostly means grades and test scores. It’s time to give schools, families, and communities the information they need to care for the whole child, at scale. Intellispark Pro puts every student’s name, face, and story front and center.

Get better results without creating more work

Personalizing support for every student sounds great — but it can be challenging when working with hundreds of kids. Plus, schools have so many systems and processes it can quickly get overwhelming. Intellispark helps you manage your existing work, and it’s easy to adopt, with easy access to key features through your existing email system. Your colleagues can get started without even knowing they’re using a “new” system.

Celebrate, don’t just remediate

Everyone knows that positive feedback is powerful. Too often, however, we focus so much effort on remediating what went awry that we miss the opportunity to celebrate what’s going well. With our innovative High 5s feature, Intellispark Pro helps you motivate and engage your students by celebrating their successes with quick, personalized communications that show them they’ve been seen and appreciated.

Foster a Culture of Care that Works for Every Student

Asset-based approach

Maximizing student success requires a holistic and universal approach that takes into account each student’s strengths while ensuring every student’s need can be addressed.

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Whole Child Insights

Seeing the whole picture – by getting to know every student’s aspirations, connections, and relationships – is critical to student success. Intellispark lets you see the “story behind the story” with information that’s not typically found in student data systems.

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Shared Accountability

Intellispark creates a shared, structured space for both planning and taking action to foster student success. Educators, family members, and students themselves can easily connect, communicate, and collaborate with fidelity to help every child thrive.

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Intellispark greatly streamlines our efforts to ensure all students receive the support they need to succeed. It facilitates our ability to build relationships with each student and to work as an integrated team to support their social and emotional needs to advance outcomes.

Dave EllefsonSchool Counselor, Hutchinson High School, Hutchinson, MN

If you’re a school counselor, social worker, psychologist, or student services leader, we’d love to speak with you about your needs