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Intellispark, an innovative education technology startup that’s improving student success and well-being in PreK-12 schools, is excited to announce that Patricia Gagnon has joined its founding team. Tricia has helped inform and shape the Intellispark solution nearly since its inception and has guided impactful client experiences. Recently, in addition to making a significant investment in the company, Tricia has expanded her role leading new customer implementations, designing new strategies for educators to use within the Intellispark platform, and overseeing customer support.

Tricia brings extensive experience in education and in education-related businesses having started her career as a high school teacher and administrator and holding executive positions with K12 (now Stride) and Naviance (now a product of PowerSchool). Tricia further developed her business expertise in various global brand management roles at Unilever.

“I feel fortunate to have someone of Tricia’s caliber on board in the early stages of Intellispark’s growth. Her talent, combined with her deep commitment to improving equity in education, are enormously valuable to us and to our member schools and districts,” says Stephen M. Smith, CEO and co-founder of Intellispark. “With her increased commitment to the business and new role as part of the founding team, I’m looking forward to being able to accelerate our efforts to improve student support services for hundreds of thousands of kids.”

“I am very excited to be a founding member of the Intellispark Team,” says Tricia. “In my daily work with our member schools and districts, I see Intellispark increasing educators’ capacity to do what they do best—know and support their students holistically. The impact on students is tremendous and it has never been needed more. With my increased commitment to Intellispark, I am determined to see this effect take hold across the country and beyond.”

Tricia earned her undergraduate degree in English and the Classics at Dartmouth College and her MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

About Intellispark

Intellispark was created by the co-founders of Naviance to provide a holistic platform to coordinate student support services in PreK-12 schools. With member schools in 43 states and 13 countries, a team with deep education experience, and backing from leading education technology investor GSV Ventures, Intellispark is making student success a team sport with innovative features that connect teachers, administrators, counselors, families, and community resources so every student can thrive. For more information, please visit intellispark.com.

Stephen Smith

Stephen M. Smith is CEO of Intellispark, serves on the boards of Common App, Transeo, and iDreamCareer, and is a member of the Johnson Advisory Council at the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University. Steve is co-author of Who Do You Think You Are: Three Critical Conversations for Coaching Teens to College & Career Success, published by John Wiley & Sons.