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Intellispark Pro harnesses the power of your team to help every student succeed

Know the name, face, and story of every student


/inˈteləspärk/ noun.

the way to achieve student success in PreK-12 schools and districts.

Screenshot -- Student Hub

Prepare future-ready kids

Together with our community of schools and districts, Intellispark Pro re-defines how stakeholders can work together to prepare successful, future-ready students. By fostering a culture of student success where every child can be known, supported, and appreciated, we create the conditions where students thrive.

Every kid, every day

Student success is not binary — often changing daily, weekly, and yearly. Ensuring success requires a focus on every child, every day. With quick check-ins for engagement, connection, well-being, and more, Intellispark Pro makes it easy to check the pulse of students throughout the school year. With Intellispark Pro, every student is known, appreciated, and supported — enabling your team to more easily identify risks when they arise and promote positive encouragement to students who deserve a “high five.”

Screenshot -- Engagement
Screenshot -- Weekly Pulse

Focus on relationships, leave the data for the dashboards

Teachers and school counselors are relationship-builders, not data analysts. And, that’s how it should be! With simple integrations to existing student records systems, Intellispark Pro makes sense of students’ daily academic performance and other key indicators — sending teachers weekly updates to keep teachers informed about changes or events impacting their students. Intellispark Pro provides critical features that help educators to implement, elevate, and evaluate key student development initiatives, including social and emotional learning (SEL).

Unify communication and action across the student care team

Every child deserves the support of a connected group of caring adults. Often, student and parent outreach are treated as isolated events, when, in reality, multiple educators may call home about the same observed concern. Keeping students at the center of their own experience, Intellispark Pro coordinates these efforts with seamless and secure communications between the teachers, school counselors, students, and parents. Intellispark Pro includes helpful tools to unify and document communication through and across the student care team — helping to maximize the potential of every child.

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