Improving education isn’t just about improving schools, and it’s not just about collecting more data. That’s why we created Intellispark Pulse.

Research based

Research shows that factors outside of school have a profound effect on achievement


Improving education requires a coordinated effort among schools, families, and communities


Holistic student support services must consider the needs of whole child and family for greatest impact


/pəls/ noun.

the central point of energy and organization in an area or activity.

How we are different

Solve problems, don’t just identify them


Schools, districts, and community-based organizations rely heavily on data to focus resources where they’re needed most. Most data dashboards do a great job of identifying challenges or opportunities but fall short when it comes to taking action. Intellispark Pulse helps you solve problems, not just identify them.

Break down silos: whole child, whole school, whole community


Organizations work hard to combine data from student information systems, learning management systems, behavior management systems, and other sources. In many case these efforts to break down silos unintentionally create new ones, resulting in a confusing ecosystem of disparate systems for niche purposes or small groups of students. Intellispark Pulse makes it easier to see the whole picture and to build a circle of care around each student both at school and in the community.

Education is about kids, not about data


Looking at data is a great way to monitor how your child or organization is doing, but education is about changing lives, not statistics. It’s critical to see the full picture, the story behind the numbers. With the Insightfull™ assessment, available within Intellispark Pulse, you gain specific, actionable feedback about each child’s academic engagement, social-emotional development, and post-secondary readiness. Intellispark Pulse gives you what you need, in context, and in a way that helps you take action.

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